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Guided by section 72 of the water Act 2016, WASREB is required to evaluate the water and sewerage tariff for WSP’s and approve them in line with the consumer protection standards.

This process involves a robust review by the regulator  current  & projected water production, billing alongside the consumer patterns, KIAWASCO’s expenditure current and projected, current business  plan and  capital plans affecting water and sewer production.

Kiambu water tariff expired in June 30th 2017 and applied for a review of the tariff in March 2021 with the following objectives:

  • Ensure financial sustainability
  • Compliance to regulatory standards and requirements
  • Foster access to safe water as a human right
  • Promote efficiency in the delivery of water services
  • Encourage conservation
  • Ensure simplicity in the pricing structure of water

Proposed Tariff