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The County Government of Kiambu is undergoing reforms in the water sector and wishes to recruit visionary, competent and qualified individuals to assist in the reforms by filling vacant positions in the Boards of Directors of Githunguri Water and Sanitation Company Limited.

Githunguri Water & Sanitation Company Ltd is a Water Service Provider wholly owned by the County Government of Kiambu mandated with providing water and sanitation services within Githunguri and parts of Lari constituency.

The Board of Directors of the Company comprises of stakeholders identified as per the memorandum and articles of association in line with the regulator’s guidelines.

The Company has vacancies for representatives of persons/professionals nominated by the following organizations operating within the Company’s service area:

  1. Business/ manufacturing community( including chamber of Commerce and industry)
  2. Religious Organizations
  3. Water user association of a major consumer
  4. Registered non-governmental organization preferably an NGO dealing with water and sanitation issues)

Applications are invited from the nominees of the above mentioned stakeholders’ who must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be literate and hold at least a Diploma from a recognized institution.
  2. Demonstrate experience and acumen in a business or any profession or trade for at least 5 years.
  3. Demonstrate participation in local development initiatives;
  4. Be in good standing with the nominating organization; and
  5. Be a resident within the Company’s service area.

In addition to the above, successful candidates shall, before appointment, be required to fulfil the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution by submitting the relevant documents as shall be required.


  1. Individuals from marginalized groups including women, youth and persons living with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.
  1. Professionals in Finance, Human Resource and Water Engineering will have an added advantage.
  1. Experience in Change management, company mergers and acquisition is highly desired
  2. Suppliers or other trading associates of the company are ineligible for directorship positions.

The applicants shall apply in writing addressed to the address below. The application must be accompanied by­

(a) a letter of nomination from the stakeholder;

(b) curriculum vitae (CV) including certified copies of academic qualification, testimonials and professional certificates; and

(c) a letter from the area chief confirming the applicant’s residential status.

The applications should be dropped at the Company’s office situated in Githunguri Town opposite the Githunguri Police Post in plain sealed envelopes marked “APPLICATION FOR DIRECTOR OF GIWASCO” on or before 21st December, 2021 at 4:00pm and addressed to:

The Selection Committee

Githunguri Water and Sanitation Company

P.O. Box 823, 00216